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Improve your numerical skills with the NAMA apps! NAMA Work and NAMA Everyday

NAMA is a European project that aims to improve numeracy skills in the advanced manufacturing sector’s workforce by showing mathematical skills in the context in which they will be used. The applications "NAMA Work" and "NAMA Everyday" are parts of the outputs of the project, based on learning materials developed by the NAMA consortium. The applications consist of examples and contextualised resources, organised in levels of increasing difficulty that correspond to real-life situations and integrating gamefication features in order for the user to assess his/her skills.

NAMA Work categories of questions:
CNC Machining

NAMA Everyday categories of questions:
Change & Relationships
Space & Shape
Uncertainty & Data


NAMA consortium consists of partners from the UK, Belgium, Greece and Poland and the project is co-funded by the Erasmus+, which is a EU programme for education, training, youth and sport.

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