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Release of Trainer Handbook


NAMA is pleased to announce the release of its Trainer Handbook.

Whilst it is true that there has been a marked decline in the traditional high volume / low tech element of the sector, recent years have seen the rise of advanced engineering based around the development of low volume/ high tech sector. This spans areas as diverse as: aerospace, biotechnology, electronics, food & drink, marine and nuclear.

Examples of these changes include the growth of areas including: additive technologies, increased automation and the use of building information modelling (BIM)
There are a large number of factors that impact on the potential for growth and success in a region. Considering the factors that we can influence they are primarily:
People – we require a STEM aware population that can engage with new technologies so that they can become informed users of technology rich products and services, but also that the region can have an appropriately skilled workforce
Investment – both inward investment from new companies moving into the region, but also within existing companies to improve productivity
These two factors are interlinked and the skill level of the workforce is likely to be an important factor in determining whether companies decide to invest in the region.
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